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A large iron War-Chest. Item G295. 8.000EUR.

A decorative set of fork and spoon, made of silver. Item G131. 250EUR

An iron well-bucket. Item G141. 350EUR.

A fine pair of 19th century bronze dolphins. Item G143. 500EUR.

A pair of brass row-locks. Item G134. 100EUR.

A 19th century German Army silver cup. Item G136. 300EUR.

An iron lantern. Item G307. 85EUR.

An iron lantern. Item G306. 150EUR.

A brass lantern. Item G312. 150EUR.

A brass grave lantern. Item G291. 200EUR.

A copper lantern. Item G292. 200EUR.

A set of five keys. Item G149. 400EUR.


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