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British Blunderbuss Flintlock Pistol with Spring-Bayonet, made by Bass. Item B096. 4.000EUR.

Flintlock Tinderlighter. Item B102. 900 EUR.

Under-hammer percussion pistol with Bowie-blade bajonet. Item B108. 800EUR.

Percussion Derringer by Tryon. Item B083. 1.600EUR.

Victorian Royal Navy Sea Service Pistol, dated 1855. Item B119. 1.200EUR.

A pair of French blunderbuss pocket pistols. Item B095. 4.200EUR.

An 18th century coach blunderbuss. Item F163. 2.300EUR

A French Louis XV pocket pistol by Bourlier L'aine. Item B024. 3.800EUR.


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