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A pair of brass cannon. Item H079. 2.000EUR.

An iron model cannon on a fortress carriage. Item H227. 500EUR.

A small bronze cannon. Item H328. 3.000EUR.

Seven small toy and model cannon. Item H234. 250EUR.

A Nelson-Era Anti-Rigging Shot. Item G069. 2.000EUR.

20th century replica of a ship's cannon. Item A262. 800EUR.

A decorative 19th ct. bronze cannon. Item A257. 3.000EUR.

A Gun Emplacement for a 1lb. calibre ship's cannon. Item A288b. 2.000EUR.

A Model Cannon with bronze barrel. Item H106. 800EUR.

A small bronze Lantaka. Item H078. 850EUR.

A bronze model cannon with complete deck assembly. Item H085. 1.300EUR.

A 19th century bronze signal cannon. Item H236. 1.200EUR.

An excellent 19th century bronze cannon. Item A340. 7.000EUR.

An 18th century British iron cannon, calibre 1lb. Item A343. 3.000EUR.

A lean 16th/17th century bronze cannon. Item A370. 10.000EUR.



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