On this site, we offer for sale selected pieces from the collection of our late father, Karl Willy Schroeter. The main focus of this collection is on naval antiques from the Napoleonic Age. Our father's favorite pastime was restoration and giving things a proper 'frame'; Thus, you will find some items that have recent components, like 18th century cannons with 20th century carriages. We seek to pass these things on to people who share our father's passion.

Please note that we are not professional antiques dealers, but both pursue full-time careers in photography and information management, respectively. In other words, we are occasionally short on time. We will be happy to answer any reasonable questions and handle your requests as swiftly as possible. However, we are not available for this every day of the week, so please bear with us if your inquiry remains unanswered for some days.

Elmar & Frank Schroeter