Iron War-Chest, German, early 17th century. Five vertical and three horizontal forged iron bands. Front with decorative keyhole and two latches. Left and right large swinging handles. Lid on five outside hinges with covered central keyhole. The cover can be lifted by pressing a 'false' bolt. Lock with six catches, four front and two each left and right. The lock is in good working order. Measures 90x53x53cm. Weight ca. 80kg.

Four bolts next to the middle front catches are missing - they probably came off when someone attempted to pry open the lid. The iron bands at the lower edges have all been replaced, partially fastened with scews instead of bolts. The chest is stable and can be used without constraints. The key is not original.

Chests like this one were used as mobile banks by the armies of the Thirty Years War 1618-1648. Very rare.

Item G295. 8.000EUR.



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