This collection of maps and seascapes was produced during an expedition of an English squadron around the frigate Centurion 1740-1744, by Richard Walter, the Centurion's chaplain. The set was published in 1749 in Amsterdam and Leipzig. The captions are bilingual Dutch/French throughout; French was the language of fashion in Germany at that time.
Most sheets feature one or several folds, which are in good condition, except for the Pacific Passage map, which has a tear along about one third of one of its vertical folds. Some other sheets have minor stains. The edges of most sheets are rather worn. Two of the large maps have been cut along the margin on one side. Overall average condition.

Item K276. 1.500EUR.

Cover sheet: Voyage Du Monde

Cover sheet of the set, 20x26,5cm. With manifold scribbled notes in ink.


Map of the route round Cape Hoorn from St. Katherine's Island (Brazil) to Juan Fernandes (off Chile). Shown are two courses, the calculated and the actual, thus indicating the margin of error in navigation in the 18th century. 60x42cm. Partially cut to the margin.


The caption of the Cape Hoorn Map.


Detail of the Cape Hoorn Map.


The fleet riding at ancor in the Magellan Strait. 41x26cm.


Map of the entry to St. Julian Harbour in Patagonia. 20x26,5cm.


Map of the approach to Acapulco. 41x26cm.

Map of Acapulco Harbour, featuring depths and landmarks. 21x26,5cm. Torn at the upper right edge.


Three views of the Isles of Lema. 41x26,5cm.


Map of the town Paita, Santa Fee. 41x26cm.


Large map of the Pacific Passage, with the westbound and eastbound routes. 93x26cm. Damaged.



Large map of the Philippines, with the route through the Strait of San Bernadino as used by Spanish galeons from Acapulco to Manila and back. 42x60cm. Partially cut to the margin.


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