Flintlock pistol, right side with lock.

A handsome flintlock pocket pistol with turn-off barrel, ca. 1755. Overall length just under 14cm; Probably made for a boy. Walnut stock with floral decoration around the barrel-tang and trigger guard. Silver mounts with rococo scrollwork and foliage, the shaped sideplate decorated with a Chinese junk.
3,8cm long rifled turn-off barrel, the breech and tang decorated with gold scrollwork. Flat lockplate with maker's signature: "Bourlier L'aine". Good original condition.
Another piece by this St. Etienne gunsmith is recorded in Stoeckel: Haandskydevaabens bedoemmelsee, Vol. 1, page 47.

Provenance: Collection of Dr. Dagobert Runes, New York. Sold at auction by Sotheby's, London, June 11th, 1964, lot 18 (illustrated).

Item B024. 3.800EUR.

Detail of the flintlock with maker signature "Bourlier L'aine".

Left side with silver counter-plate.

Barrel decorated with gold scrollwork.

Stock decorated with Floral designs.

Silver butt and trigger guard decorated with floral designs.



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